Who We Are

We are a group of Men and Women that have a long history in the community. We are Parents ,Coaches, Confidants, and Mentors. We are responsible, secure and, we continuously respond to all school staff and Students that need assistance. Our philosophy: The more we help people. The more the other staff can focus on their work, i.e. teaching, cooking, counseling, healing … the better for the kids and school climate.




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AFT MA President Tom Gosnell on “NightSide” w/ Dan Rea

on WBZ AM 1030 September 29 @ 8:00 pm – 11:55 pm
WBZ AM 1030, Boston, MA

Hello All – On Thursday, September 29 at 8 pm I shall be on the Dan Rea show, WBZ 1030 am on the dial, regarding Question 2, the attempt to increase the number of charter schools. Former Rep. Marty Walz will represent the other side. I suspect the exchange will be quite robust. Call in questions are welcome. Call in to participate in the conversation about Question2 and other vital issues. 617.254.1030

You Can Help!

Stand-Out We invite any/all members to come stand out with us at the intersection of the 99 Restaurant and Cross Point (Chelmsford St. and Industrial Ave.) on Wednesday, September 21st, this week at 4:30 PM to hold logo-no-on-2 signs as we continue to mobilize for theNovember 8th election day Question #2! This is a very, very busy intersection and the more people we have, the better!  Voting no on question 2 means the current cap on charters will remain. It does not impact any existing charter schools. Please help us defeat this ballot initiative so that DESE is not allowed to approve 12 new charters every year forever!  We will have our usual weekly Phone Banking at the UTL office on Thursday at 5 PM. On Saturday this week at 4PM we will begin canvassing in the Reilly School neighborhood!  Staff at Reilly and Sullivan

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